Saturday, April 05, 2008


Seems that there have been reports over the years about ghostly occurrences in the Homestead, PA. police station. Police officers there, probably weary and leery of their station having a reputation as being haunted, are going all out to dispel or confirm the presence of those from the spiritual realm.

Reports have included slamming doors and creaky floors but there are other more visible occurrences that require investigation.

There’s the phantom typist. Several people have seen the keys on a typewriter moving on their own. Typist? As in typewriter? What about computers?

Then there's the attic door that springs open no matter how many times it's bolted shut, not to mention chilling air that blows through enclosed hallways and around old cellblocks.

Not to be overlooked is the broken snow plow that started up on its own in November minus a key and battery.

Denise Kelly, who worked at the building for years, showed a reporter a room she and other staffers almost never entered alone and this is where paranormal investigators set up shop when they paid a visit.

The department called on the Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society, and they said they found something in the boiler room. Paranormal investigators said the staff will have to wait until their investigation is complete to find out what they believe is that something.

Interesting that there is no mention of eerie happenings from prisoners...

Anyway, here's the site for the G.P.P.S. - Greater Pittsburgh Paranormal Society here:

The mission of the GPPS is: " investigate and collect data pertaining to the paranormal, and to offer assistance to those who believe their lives are being affected by a haunting and to help them take charge of their lives.

We also classify and collect possible evidence, and to firstly rule out any natural occurrences. In the case that G.P.P.S. does not find evidence on the first investigation, we will offer another investigation immediately, and offer ongoing assistance to you. Just because we do not find evidence doesn't mean that we do not believe that you are a victim of a haunting."

Perhaps there just could be a TV series down the line...