Sunday, November 27, 2005


Talk about being unaware of the concept...

Sometimes - too many times - I wonder about the human brain's thought process, especially after a night of heavy drinking. Police in Illinois received a tip about a riding lawnmower that had been reported missing. Thinking further on this stolen item, how many people would report that their lawnmower was stolen, anyway, even a fancy one with a seat? Chances are (and I probably fall into this category) if my lawnmower was missing the first thought that would spring to mind is that I lent it to somebody at some point, who forgot to bring it back. Even IF it was stolen it's doubtful I would call the police and make a report. Jewelry yes. Lawnmower? Doubtful.

Anyway... Following up on the "tip" the police saw this guy riding accross a corn field on a lawnmower and took off after him in their police car. They went by the book identifying themselves as the law and called out for him to stop but instead the "perp" just took off. Examining this logically any (sober) person would immediately realize that a police car goes faster than a lawmower, ergo, give up the chase and call it a night.

But noooooo....

So the police officer got out of his car and just...jogged along side of the "mower man", warning him all the while to stop. The "mower man" finally agreed to stop when the police officers threatened to stun him with a Taser. The kicker to this tale of lawn fury or silliness is that the "mower man", who was out on parole and wore an ankle monitor, had a handwritten bill of sale. Unfortunately for the former owner and "mower man", the police haven't been able to trace down the owner. What a surprise.

Perhaps had "mower man" cut a few lawns of townsfolk while on his "night of the lawnmower" he might have been forgiven. It also makes you wonder who called in the "tip" to the police in the first place.

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