Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If ever there was a news item that fit into this category - this is it. I mean - c'mon - gimme a break!

Get this... An employee who works for McDonalds, ended up spending the night in jail and what's more is facing criminal charges for - wait for it - a police officer's burger was too salty! What's more the cop is claiming that it made him sick. Some would say that fast food in general sometimes has that effect on people but I digress.

The McDonald's server was arrested last Friday and charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and freed on a $1000 bail.

In the way of an explanation the McD's server admits to accidentally spilling some salt on hamburger meat and informed her supervisior and a co-worker, who handled the problem by trying to remove the salt by "thumping it" whatever that entails.

Read the salty details here:

Next thing you know somebody is going to claim that ketchup served was too tomato-y or the fries were the wrong color or the coffee was to hot... Hang on - somebody already sued for that. I mean, really...

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