Friday, November 16, 2007


To some people the date November 19 is nothing out of the ordinary other than perhaps preparing for the annual Thanksgiving Day feast and a day of for those of us who resent the fact that our favorite soaps are pre-emptied.

However...we would be remiss if we let this day pass without noting that it's...


This is the one day of the year set aside to think about toilet issues. In recognition of the importance of toilets in our lives, a chain of restaurants in Taiwan have chosen toilets as their decorating theme. Why anyone would choose this symbol is a question worth pondering...

The seats in the [b]Modern Toilet[/b] restaurants are toilet shaped. I mean...imagine sitting to have a sandwich or whatever on a toilet! It begs the question or at least thought as to whether the seat is up or down. Why oh why would this be appealing to people, anyway? Napkins are dispensed on toilet rolls placed on tables.

Food containers are toilet or sinks and - um - the food is made to look like human waste. Again, why-oh-why would anyone choose a place that serves food to resemble doo-doo? Toilet issues, perhaps? I dunno!

Happy World's Toilet Day, everyone!

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