Monday, January 07, 2008


I dunno... There was a time when Dr. Phil McGraw was first introduced to TV audiences as a guest on Oprah, he was a quiet, down-to-earth psychologist with a gift for gab. For what ever reason and probably his cute-sy, down-home personna/charm and southern drawl, he got his own TV show. However, as time went on and his popularity grew, there was a distinct change in his personna and his ego. It grew. A lot.

For the last couple of seasons he has turned into a pseudo Jerry Springer, encouraging people to cry and reveal all their deep, dark family secrets for everyone to see.

What happened to medical ethics?

He had already touched upon Britney Spears's problems in an earlier show, diagnosing and assessing her from afar. So it's not surprising that he showed up when Britney was hospitalized on the weekend. According to various sources he was asked to intervene by her parents (yes there is a daddy Spears!). He was reported to have talked with her for an hour and there was even a rumor that she could be a guest on his show.


Once that didn't work out, he turned his attention to the Spear parents. The latest word by the good doctor himself, is that the Spears family show idea has been cancelled because the situation is "too intense." To say the least but then it was "intense" before he tried to book a family member.

Although Dr. Phil's show has lots of viewers and good ratings, having any member of the Spears family on his show would have caused his numbers to go through the roof. Oh well... Just goes to show that even TV docs can't do miracles.

Meanwhile, after demanding to be released from hospital, there have been reports of Britney out and about with the new (and married) paparazzi friend, Adnan. Guess a girl hast'a do what a girl hast'a do.

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