Wednesday, June 11, 2008

No cheering allowed at high school graduation

Talk about over-zealousness on the part of high school officials and perhaps even on the part of the police.

So a group of enthusiastic young people made it through high school and were part of graduation ceremonies. Perhaps they got caught up in the moment and cheered when their friends received their diploma. That's a natural thing to do - support your friends. Right? Since when is it a crime, anyway, to cheer out loud? Obviously in some places it is.

I mean - gimme a break!

"When Rock Hill school officials tell commencement crowds to hold their applause until the end, they mean it — police arrested seven people after they were accused of loud cheering during the ceremonies.

Six people at Fort Mill High School's graduation were charged Saturday and a seventh at the graduation for York Comprehensive High School was charged Friday with disorderly conduct, authorities said. Police said the seven yelled after students' names were called."

Read the entire story and shake your head in wonder and puzzlement as I did wondering what this world is coming to:

With the exception of one case that includes resisting an arrest charge, all the cases will be handled in city court with the punishment(!) being a maximum of 30 days in jail(!) and a $1,000 fine.

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