Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hello? Anybody out there in space?

One wonders what aliens or non-human species living far (far) away in other galaxies (humming "Star Wars" theme) think about we humanoids of planet earth. Obviously, if they have the ability to study us from great distances, it would indicate a superior intelligence or at the very least they are far more advanced scientifically and technologically-speaking. Why they would be interested in us in the first place is another question worth pondering.

Being the curious earthlings that we are, we'd like to know who, if anybody, is "out there." To this end, messages were recently sent to a planet twenty light years from Earth in the hope that they will reach intelligent alien life. A giant radio-telescope in Ukraine transmitted 501 photos, drawings and text messages that usually track asteroids. The target is any planet deemed capable of supporting life.

Replies, which were compiled by Bebo, a social networking website, invited the network's 12 million users in the form of a competition, to send messages they would like extra-terrestrials to receive. Perhaps somebody - pure speculation on my part - sent the message: 'ET - phone home." Then again, maybe they didn't...

According to reports topics included the environment, politics, world peace, family relationships, Oprah (just kidding) and other stuff.

After being launched at 0600 GMT Bebo's mission commander Oli Madgett said the message "passed the Moon in 1.7 seconds, Mars in just four minutes and will leave our Solar System before breakfast tomorrow".

The beamed messages will be sent 120 trillion miles into space. Organisers hope the hi-tech package will reach its target - the planet Gliese 581C - in early 2029.

Rumor - strictly an unsubstantiated one - has it that when informed about the project, Sarah Palin said she can see Gliese 581C from her home in Alaska.

Read the entire story here:

If you want to send your own message via Bebo, here is the coordinates:

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Al1801 said...

Now! I'm beginning to wonder - what do the guys from other planets call themselves. Does a Martian/Plutonian/Venusian et al know who the heck Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Pluto are. Do our interstellar neighbours laugh at us? Are we really earthlings, or a darned sight superior? I'd love to know. M'deah Scribe, you must have lots of confidence in the messaging systems of this world given that most of the mail services on our terrestrial piece of the sky tend to get a tad stuffed up. Hee's hoping the messages get to their desitnation at least by the beginning of the next millenia.
As always, you've scored a homer with your blog again - then I'm biaised :)