Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A soul of a deal

On occasion many of us have uttered the phrase, "I'd sell my soul for (insert deep, inner-most desire)..." A loan company in Latvia is offering people this exact deal whereby people sign away their soul as collateral.

Shades of Daniel Webster!

The company in question, Kontora Loan Company in Latvia, makes the deal complete with a contract with the word, "Agreement" in bold letters on the top that includes the wording, "that is, my immortal soul."

So this leads one to wonder (okay - me) if they employ a soul-collector and how she/he collects on a bad debt. Does someone employed by the company show up at the door ready to take possession of the soul? If so - where do they store them...the souls? Is there a soul repository? So many questions and so few answers!

According to a company spokesperson, the company does not employ debt collectors in order to retrieve a bad loan, neither do they use physical violence.

Latvia has been the EU nation worst hit by economic crisis.

The deal is based on trust to repay small loans amounting to $500 for 1-90 days at a high interest rate.

He said about 200 people had taken out loans over the two months the business was in operation.

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