Monday, October 19, 2009

Hunk'a Elvis hair sells for $15,000 - with or without dandruff

I dunno. The world is getting stranger and stranger when an alleged clump of Elvis Presley's hair goes for $15,000 in Chicago. "Alleged" because there is no real means in which to authenticate as to whether it really was "the King's" hair unless they do a DNA test but I guess the purchaser was willing to accept the seller's word.

The hair - no mention of its condition or whether or not it was stored in moth balls - was supposed to have been trimmed from Elvis's head when he joined the U.S. Army in 1958. That would make it (the hair) 51 years old! Like...why would anyone want to keep hair that is more than a half-century old? More to the point, pay real hard cash for it? What does the new owner do with the hair, anyway? Put it in a display case and invite people over to see it? A photo of Elvis is definitely preferable or a belt, or even a tube of makeup that he used for his shows, but a hunk of hair? Pass!

There were other Elvis-related items on the auction block that went for hefty bids including:
An Elvis shirt that sold for $52,000 (no mention of sweat rings, which in theory could have made it more lucrative i.e. Elvis's real sweat!).
A set of concert-used hankerchiefs for $732 (no mention again if they were used during a concert or whenor if he had a cold)
Photos of the wedding reception of Priscilla and Elvis brought in a lowly $6,000.

All the items belonged to one Gary Pepper, who ran his fan club at one point and was a personal friend of the late singer.

Meanwhile, here's some photos and information on all the items that were up for sale, in case someone wants a group of Elvis's army dog tags or - wait for it - two white roses and other items from Elvis's funeral. I mean - talk about macabre! Next thing you know they'll be selling a snip of the material that lined Elvis's coffin.

Meanwhile, wanna make a bid?

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