Friday, January 29, 2010

It's all in the Twitter count

For whatever reason I appear to be losing followers. We're not about followers of the religious kind although some Twitter-ites are as rabidly zealous about posting continuous updates about their lives and anything and everything.

Thing's beginning to give me a complex especially since I can't figure out the reason. As a writer I always prided myself about having a way with words but this really doesn't cut it on Twitter. You have to share - I dunno - recipes or promote your product or something. Darned if I can figure it out. Could be, though that people are losing interest since my numbers aren't - well - high. You know, popularity draws attention. As I wrote - a personal complex.

Up until recently Twitter and I had an on-going problem what they claimed to be a technical situation regarding the number of my followers versus following others. Each time somebody decided to be my cyber friend and follower,it registered as me following them. The situation didn't improve and we i.e. Twitter tech. and myself, began an on-going correspondence. For whatever reason they claimed that after checking, the situation was normal. At one point things did return to "normal" but the problem re-occured. Corresponding with tech. support ended up with a Twitter rep. requesting that I name all my new followers in the way of proof. Go know who was who especially since many of the new followers were now in the following column. Anyway, things appear to be the way they should be, at last.

Still, I have to confess that when it's all said and done or tweeted, I really can't see the attraction of limiting one's thoughts to 140 bytes as one can in a blog. It's just so...confining. That being written, I still find myself providing Tweets 'cause you never know who wants to follow me.

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