Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man tries to revive dead opossum - without success

Yet another example of someone trying to do a good deed taking things too far. Also another example how our world or some of its people are getting weirder and weirder.

Most of us or a least a lot of people are familiar with Puxatawny, PA. as the home town of that well-known-bordering-on-famous ground hog, Puxatawny Phil. Once per year Phil emerges (with a little help) from his well-appointed den to predict whether we'll have an early or late Spring.

Recently, Puxatawny - the town - not the groundhog - was in the news again but this time it was related to an attempt to bring back the dead, be it a opossum. Seems that according to witnesses, one Donald Wolfe of Brookville, PA. spotted what he believed to be a dead opossum and was so moved by its demise that he attempted to resuscitate it. You read it right. At least that's what one of the witnesses believed Wolfe was doing since he was kneeling next to it at the time. Another witness reported that he saw him giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation in addition to Wolfe waving his arms around in a manner that could be interpreted as conducting a seance. According to a CNN report, the marsupial was in a flattened state, which must have made the task difficult. I mean, he must have had to scrape it off the road first.

Police charged Wolfe with public drunkeness. What a surprise.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of opossum:

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