Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some of life's questions to which there are no answers or explanations

There are issues we all face - okay that I face - which are most perplexing and to which there are no logical explanations, at least in my eyes. You know the type of inane thoughts that keep one up at night because they're so inane?


As is the case with many TV viewers, I admit to watching soap operas or as many (okay - me) call them, "day time drama-dies." Most likely my attraction came about as a result of genetics in that my mother watched them when I was a child and I in turn absorbed the content (such as it was and is) over time and have carried on the tradition. My day time drama-dies of choice are "General Hospital", my favorite, and "All My Children." My mother liked "As the World Turns" which was cancelled a while back. Perhaps that act in itself was an omen or writing on the wall as they say. For their part, the networks are claiming that the rating numbers aren't there anymore. While I don't doubt this claim, perhaps had they offered viewers a plausible story line at least for "All My Children", which has turned into a sad joke with characters returning from the dead via a doctor who has somehow acquired God-like qualities. The shows in themselves can only be viewed as an escape from reality since everyone living in soap opera-ville are rich but don't work, become surgeons in six months to a year and never deal with real life situations like employment loss. Such is the appeal. Escape from reality.

Viwers who have stayed with the show over the years deserve better, writers and powers-that-be!

Word has it that General Hospital is also on the chopping block down the line and will be replaced by the new programs, "The Chew" a food whatever and still another food preparation show, "The Revolution". Just what viewers need. I find it difficult to believe that day time TV viewers are interested in basically cooking lessons. That's what it comes down to in the end and what's with this sudden fixation on cooking? Not to dismiss the male cooks and chefs, are we returning to the olden days where the  woman's place was in the kitchen cooking meals? Count me out as a future viewer of both of these shows. In as far as General Hospital is concerned, the word is that Katie Couric is slated to move in with a talk show. Again, just what we need - still another blah-blah-blah program.

Pass...and pass again.


In addition to not receiving an invitation to "the" royal wedding with my invitation somehow mis-directed by the mail delivery service and now stuck with a hat, there was also no invite to the Kardashian nuptials. It would have involved the purchase of a new dress and an airline ticket so I view it as saved money. Being in the "older" age category, how did this Kardashian family become a fixation virtually everywhere you look? What makes them special? Anybody want to share?


As a blog writer, I'm still amazed that the "lost cat" story that still has paws from last December, and is still being read by people dropping by here? No new information has been offered or forthcoming at least yet, as to the fate of Wookie the cat, who lives or once lived in England. Whereabouts or even whether the feline is still in the land of the living is a mystery, as are the cyber surfers who are intent on keeping the spirit of Wookie alive. As mentioned in previous Wookie-related comments, any Wookie updates as to his fate is appreciated and shared.

ETC. ETC. There are other issues of personal concern like Twitter un-followers who have me perplexed, supermarket sprays gone amock, rude shoppers who use their shopping carts to block access to bargain food items and as weapons of pain, dented cans that are only discovered dented upon arriving home, packaged cheese that goes blue/green/rancid within a week or two of purchase, lipstick shades that look  copper/orange-y in pharmacy light but end up pink at home (what is this obsession with pink lip color anyway!) - it just never ends! In the last three months, I've amassed 5 "reject" lipsticks that looked rust/beige-y but ended up pink.

As my mother used to say: "what cannot be cured - must be endured." Amen mom!

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