Monday, October 10, 2011

Dog owner has a brush with the law

One of the tasks and/or responsibilities of dog ownership is regular brushing of the dog's fur to keep it visually appealing, to reduce bacterial build up and reduce shedding. As a former dog owner/care giver/slave to a white haired very mixed breed pooch, the latter is important for people who don't enjoy the addition of dog fur on their clothes. Ask me about it. But I digress. Already.

As is the case with many dog owners pensioner, Ron Wyre, walks his dog Spencer and recently during a stroll in a Nottingham (England) park, decided to brush Spencer's fur. He was stopped from completing his task by a community protection officer who fined Wyre £75 for littering no less. The officer for his part claimed that he approached Wyre, who was wearing a high visibility uniform at the time, to ascertain whether he was impersonating an officer. His offence by the way, was leaving dog hair on the ground.

I mean, really - fur on the ground?

This leaves one to wonder if there is a clause in their local bylaws that covers dog hair or any pet hair. I mean, how can one determine the difference between dog, cat, squirrel, skunk or the remnants of any type of fur-bearing animal living in the area? Should their fur be under scrutiny of the law? Who should pay the fine?

According to a spokesperson for the powers-that-be, the fine was eventually dropped after further investigation and after the circumstances became clear and an apology issued. One wonders what type of circumstances were involved...

"I'd got in my pocket a bag (for doggie-doo) and I started to put it into that and took the fur home with me, but he still gave me the ticket. It was just ridiculous," Wyre commented.


There is an internal investigation into the incident. One wonders if other dog owners have been fined for a similar offence.

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