Monday, July 02, 2012

Do you believe? World UFO Day

This almost zipped by without me even noticing that it was here but for those interested in knowing, today is/was depending on when and where one is reading it, World UFO Day. Never imagined that a day was put aside to mark the existence of unidentified objects of the non-earth-ly type but it here it is. Some would speculate or at least hypothesize that the Kardashians or maybe Charlie Sheen might be... Just kidding. Maybe. Go know.

So right now you're probably wanting to know a little more, maybe even a lot more, about the origins and raison d'etre of July 2, World UFO Day ("oh yes Eleanor - do give us some background info.")

According to , which seems to be the originator of the day, the goal of the web site "is to spread the word about World UFO Day and make it known to a bigger audience." Most or at least a large percentage of people reading this are aware of UFO's but obviously there are people out there who might want to know more. To quote Fox Muldaur (remember him?) of "X-Files": the truth is out there...or something. This program happens to be or was my favorite all-time sci-fi series by the way. In addition according to information, another aim is to share factual and helpful information about the subject.

The first World UFO Day was celebrated in 2001 and according to the information blurb, "one of the first and foremost reasons is to raise awareness about the undoubted existence of UFO"s and with that intelligent beings from outer space."

There are a few people I know that could fit into that category, at least the outer-space aspect, but I digress.

Thinking further about aliens, the UFO type, it would seem "normal" that life exists in some form in the universe. I mean, they may not look humanoid (love that word) but it is possible one surmises. Neither, one would surmise that they would walk around muttering to earthlings: "take me to your leader."

Perhaps people reading this would be/could be/might be interested in celebrating this day in special ways and meeting other UFO believers. To this end, suggestions are offered.

- start a World UFO Day group.
- invite some friends or UFO enthusiasts  (presumably they're referring to earthlings but then again, who knows) to a UFO party
-  wear/create individually designed UFO/alien T-shirts. I have a few t-shirts that would fit the bill the end result of mixing dark colors with light colors without checking the washing instructions. Don't we all? But once again I digress.
- watch the sky in a group and spot strange objects flying around and take photos of said objects in the sky
- watch UFO-type movies. See some of their suggestions here:

While on the subject, favorite UFO/alien films?

The existence of aliens or extra-terrestrial life on earth is like the existence of ghosts: either one believes or doesn't believe and no amount of discussion will suffice. Personally, I have my suspicions about Charlie Sheen...and possibly Simon Cowell...maybe JLo... So - do YOU believe in UFOs?

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