Friday, December 28, 2012

Certain words annoying? Whatever...

You are some words and phrases, although inconsequential in nature that can make you grit your teeth. Their usage can act as an assault on one’s ears during a conversation.

For the third year, the Marist poll revealed that the most annoying words/phrases used in conversation are “you know”, “whatever”, “like” and “we’re just sayin.”  In the way of background information and for those who are curious, according to the Maris site, “founded in 1978, MIPO is home to the Marist Poll and regularly measures public opinion at the local, state, and national level. The Marist Poll is highly respected and is often cited by journalists and analysts around the globe.”

The word, “whatever” was on top of the list cited by 32% of adults, followed by “like” at 21%. Thinking further, I have to admit to using “whatever” perhaps far too frequently, and the poll indicates this word seems to irritate people the most. Thing is - it’s the type of word that covers so many bases and can be used as a conversation ender. You know what I mean... Correction: that s to say, when a conversation seems to drag, inserting a “whatever” at a critical point is the easiest way to end a boring topic and start a new one. Am I right? Something to the effect:

“Letitia, dearest friend of mine, do you think it would be socially remiss if I didn’t extend my pinky finger in the air, while sipping a cup of Earl Grey tea?”

To which Letitia (or anyone) would or could reply: “whatever” in order to cover up indifference one way or the other.

The also-ran and much used words “gotcha” and “Twitterverse” followed closely behind.

Actually, “gotcha” isn’t a word personally used and definitely not “twitterverse” being not familiar with the latter whatsoever. I was under the impression that 'gotcha' was a word used by kids when they play tag.

According to Wiki, ‘twitterverse’  “is to twitter what the blogosphere is to blogs. It’s the word that Twitter users live in.” This leads one – me – to wonder how one can actually live in Twitterverse, or is it limited to a cyberspace address?

“Where do you live?”
“Oh I live in twitterverse.”
“Just...twitterverse. Planet earth. The universe.”

Anybody know? But I digress.

The survey results covered 1,246 adults living in the U.S. who were phoned to get their opinions. Furthermore and according to the Marist site statistics: “Results showed differences by age and regions, with people younger than 45 or in the Northeast especially annoyed by "like," while "you know" offended more of the 45-and-over set. Men and women gave similar responses overall, but whites were twice as likely as non-whites to find "you know" irritating. And people under 45 were more than twice as likely as those over 45 to be put off by "just sayin.'

I mean, I’m just sayin’, you know.

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