Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Oprah dilemma: narrowing down favorite things

Today was the last today to enter the "Favorite Things" give-away and now it's too late. Having had every intention of entering, somehow something always came up, time passed and I missed my opportunity to meet a well-known celebrity.

Having retired from TV, Oprah, she-who-doesn't-need- her-last-name supplied, is doing the speaking tour circuit. Nothing wrong with that since everyone from former presidents and politicians to lifestyle gurus and media celebrities are doing it. Ms Winfrey will be delivering her take on the world and dispensing advice as only Oprah can, in our corner of the planet.

Have to admit that I watched her TV show regularly in earlier years and on-and-off after that, depending on the subject. Reading the promos for her appearance here, I checked the ticket prices and sort-of tucked away the information in one of those "got lots of time to decide" things. Eleanor, thy name is procrastination.

In order to help promote her arrival and talk, our local newspaper and sponsors ran a "Favorite Things" contest. For the uninitiated and during her reign, Oprah put aside one day per year on her show for a super giveaway with accent on the super. Audience members who were lucky enough to get tickets for her favorite things show, were the recipients of a plethora of products ranging from eletronic goods, name it, chances are it was featured on the show at some point.

The promotion for her appearance here includes a "full day VIP experience to an evening with Oprah." Included in the package is the grand prize being a salon experience, a shopping spree, dinner, limo service, meet-and-greet and premium tickets to the show. The only pre-requisite to entering the contest was to send along a photo of one's favorite object(s).

In the way of an excuse, there was the dilemma as to determining and narrowing down my favorite thing. Maybe, a photo of my favorite jeans might have been an option, or my new pair of 'killer' suede shoes so named due to their toe pinching quality, then again there's my large-ish new purse that has the capacity to hold my umbrella and a host of other "must-take-along-and-have-with-me" objects.

As an artist, I could have sent along a photo of my favorite "10-hair-painting-brush"used to paint fine lines for flowers and the like, or even a picture of one of my paintings but narrowing down the one to send would be an issue. If nothing else, maybe she would be interested in owning an Eleanor original. 'masterpiece.' Then again, playwriting rates high on the favorite list so the cover sheet of one of my plays could have been an option.

As I've frequently bemoaned, it's always the could-haves, would-haves and might-have-beens that get you in the end! Ain't that the truth.

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