Wednesday, May 01, 2013

A shady decision

For some people, the advent of Spring marks the beginning of the gardening season and all things outdoors. It's the season of renewal with longer days and extended periods of sunshine that inspires people to start projects put on hold during winter. Take painting walls for example - somebody please.

Go figure that choosing a color for the bathroom could be such a dilemma. Narrowing down the choices shouldn't be a difficult task given the plethora of colors available in a variety of brands, but it is. The fact that we're painting altogether given that the walls really don't need a sprucing up, is due to a mistake on my part in the selection of the prevailing shade. For whatever reason - temporary insanity springs to mind - the walls are currently a peachy/salmon-y hue that seemed like a good choice at the time. Searching for towels to compliment the shade has been an exercise in futility. In retrospect, somebody should have tried to convince me to think twice, but we've lived with the color for five years now. Five long years of staring at the color and asking myself, "why?"

Paper paint samples have been hanging from the wall tiles for a week now in the hope that it will inspire and narrow down the final choice. Two selections have made the final cut at this moment, but that could change (again) by tomorrow. The "in" colors, according to home decorators and their ilk, is white with grey accents or grey with white accents. While these shades would go with our wall tiles, the rest of the room is in the beige tone. Taupe could be a good option but we'll probably go with a safe-and-no-regrets, beige-y tone. There's a reason why family and friends call us 'the beige family' since the majority of the walls are this shade.

According to a helpful article focusing on bathroom renovation in Better Homes and Gardens, ,while surfing the cyber highway for ideas, one should determine if the bathroom to be renovated is to be relaxing or energizing? Never really gave much thought to either to be honest. It would depend, one would imagine, on the length of time one plans to stay in the room. I mean, why would one want to linger indefinitely to the point where color would be an important aspect.

Thinking further, there is really no logical reason for angsting over what color to do the bathroom walls. In the end, the bathroom is a place where one washes up and answers nature's call. It's not the type of room in which one would want to linger for a lengthy period of time, or carry on witty conversation among a group of people. It really shouldn't be a difficult decision but it is. Anything but peachy salmon will do.

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