Friday, June 07, 2013

Yet more stuff to make you ponder, "why?"

In the beginning whenever that was, somebody decided that breast milk could have other applications other than for babies. There was breast milk ice cream - remember that - followed by breast milk cheese and now something completely different has come along, but related.

Recently, a mom of three found yet another use for breast milk by creating a jewelry line called, "Mommy Milk Creations." Don't bother blinking and/or cleaning your glasses you read it right. This definitely falls into the category of "but why?"

So the way it works is that the jewelry artisan, one Allicia Mongevero, will plasticize a sample of someone's breast milk when sent to her, mold it into shapes that include hearts, moons, flowers or tiny hands, and fashion it into a pendant to be worn a chain or ribbon around the neck. The cost of creating said pendants run between $64 to $125.

Maybe it's just me but I'm wondering the attraction in wearing mother's milk, in any shape or form, as a jewelry ornament. Going out on a limb, perhaps it's a means for some females to retain and remember their baby nursing period, or maybe merely to make a fashion statement. Go know. Moving on...

More recently, a company is using the flavor of breast milk in lollipops. The company, Lollyphile, based in Austin, Texas, has managed, at least that's their claim, to duplicate the taste of breast milk in a vegan-based liquid according to the creator, Jason Darling. Not sure if this is aimed strictly for infants. Personally and for what it's worth, I'll pass. You?

A pack of four lollipops costs $10, $24 for a dozen and a case of 36 is sold for $58.

A catty proposal

Not sure about this one-sided relationship being that the recipient is a cat, a specie that is known to be indifferent to human affection. Be that as it may, designer Karl Lagerfeld is making it public that he is seemingly enamored with his one-year-old white Siamese cat, Choupette. It has to be love since Choupette has its (no mention as to 'its' gender but then it really doesn't matter) own staff, which includes three maids who are responsible for keeping tabs of Choupette's activities throughout the day when the designer is away from their home in Paris. Perhaps the maid's diary could but not necessarily, read:

"Monday/lundi, 9:30 a.m. Coupette is sleeping. 10:30 a.m. 10:45 a.m. Choupette woke up and yawned. 11:30 a.m. Choupette made a pee-pee in her/his designer kitty toilet, 1:45 a.m. Coupette meowed."

Something to that effect.

According to Lagerfeld, the feline is his most precious possession. Aside to Lagerfeld: I'll be glad to take your designer fashions off your hands so you can focus solely on the pussycat. Not surprising, Choupette has its own pillow and dines with Lagerfeld twice per day, eating food specifically created for its culinary tastes.

"There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals… I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat," Lagerfeld is quoted as saying during an interview backstage at a fashion show.

As a matter of interest and in the "sure- why not" category, the cat flies by private jet no less. Furthermore, the now famous feline is on Twitter and provides tweets to her 28,998 followers (while we dull normals struggle to keep followers from dropping us), under the name,  Choupette Lagerfeld and Choupette's Diary: "I'm a famous beauty who refuses to eat on the floor & my maids pamper my every need. I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am a spoiled pussy." To say the least.

Thinking further...the kitty could (but not necessarily, obviously) be the inspiration for a line of feline fashions. The fashion line could (not necessarily but might be a good idea)  be called, "Les modes de Choupette, mon petit chat" , which will have Lagerfeld's signature as a cat's paw drawing in the way of an endorsement. Stretching the idea further (you know I will), there could be Lagerfeld Kitty Litter "for the cat who demands luxury when making le pee-pee." I mean, why not?

How was your week? Change the cat litter?


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