Friday, July 26, 2013

What ever happened to 315? Enquiring minds want - need - to know!

Try as I may and no stone has been left unturned  in a desperate effort to find any trace, it appears  that number 315 has disappeared. While we're at it, number 5 seems to have suffered the same fate and something tells me that number 225 isn't too long for this world. The searches only confirm what is most likely believed and experienced by cosmetic users world-wide, in that these regular disappearances is a collective plot by cosmetic companies to drive consumers crazy. Really.

Number 315 - no shade name supplied - has disappeared mysteriously off the shelves and hasn't been seen since. It was the perfect deep shade of foundation for summer wear, being a beige color that imitated a rich, summer tan leaving the skin looking like it was kissed by the sun. Once applied on the face, it was love at first site and I ran out to purchase a couple more bottles knowing that it could disappear off the shelves, as is a frequent practice by well-known retail outlets and pharmacies.

It's not a high-end brand, F.I.T. by Maybelline but it was moderately priced and suited my skin type.
My seasonal ritual is to use a  deeper beige shade in summer while a lighter more natural shade is the choice for winter and spring. All good things come to an end and once the remnants of 315 had been coaxed out of the bottle, a trip to the local pharmacy for a refill revealed number 225 in the place where 315 had once been. Assuming there was a run on this color, an inquiry and verification by the pharmacy cosmetic clerk revealed the shock that 315 was no more. Thing is - 225 just doesn't...won't do. Know what I mean? You know you do! Its disappearance has precipitated a search in the hope of it turning up in some pharmacy, somewhere, anywhere, but it doesn't look promising.

As if all this wasn't traumatic enough, loose powder compact number 5 by Cover Girl, used to compliment number 315, has dropped out of sight. This week alone, numbers N55 and 155 that looked similar, are among others that most likely will lay dormant somewhere in the back of the bathroom cabinet, along with loose powder 360.

It makes a person - me - wonder if cosmetic companies take the tastes of consumers into consideration, in deciding the shelf life of their products.

A similar situation exists with lipstick shades and it appears, at least in my eyes that it's a group decision when it comes to choosing the dominant color - singular - for the coming season(s). Pink, the "in" shade for a while does not suit my coloring, which is most likely the case with many other lipstick wearers. Do the powers-that-be care? Most likely not.

So whad'ya think, people? Pink for this year, again?

Didn't we do pink last year?

And the year before that?

True, but the word according to cosmetic reps, is there's a lot of pink left over. We gotta move it

Doesn't that mean that lipstick users have had enough or perhaps don't even like pink? Why don't we try another shade, like beige, for example? Beige is good.

Beige? That's two-seasons-ago. The lipstick wearers will use pink and like it. We have spoken and they will obey. More pink for another year at least. We'll start a marketing campaign promoting pink as the new beige. Consumers will have to buy it. They'll have no choice.

So now you know the reason why you're wearing pink lipstick - again. At least IMHO.

Right now my cosmetic bag is filled with "reject" lipsticks that looked to be in the desirable beige tones when purchased, but ended up pink. Attention cosmetic companies: not everyone suits the same color lipstick!

There's always the hope that maybe down the line, 315 will show up again but with another number. In the end, it's all a numbers game anyway. Right?

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