Monday, July 17, 2006


Among newspaper writers and readers actually, it's known that the dog days of summer months bring forth or produce some "interesting" stories. Police dogs are known to save lives but somehow a police dog in Ogden, Utah got it wrong. The dog, Ranger, inadvertantly ran over a woman while sitting in a truck. Well - kind of. It wasn't his fault but the end result is that the woman was hospitalized with a fractured pelvis and tailbone. Read the story and tell me you didn't laugh...a little bit.


It appears that some women will go to any extreme to find a cute guy and in this case, a cop. Perhaps she has "a thing" about men in blue but the woman who is middle-aged (not that it excuses her action or justifies it but anyway...) used the emergency 911 system to find "the cutest cop I've ever seen." Al-right... In any case she got to see more cops than she could ever hope for at her court date.

Love those summer days - and stories.

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