Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Circle the date of August 22 in your perpetual calendar.

In the scheme of things, "Tooth Fairy Day" is not well known or even publicized. According to some calendars, though, it exists. Maybe.

This leads one to wonder just how much a tooth is worth these days. In order to find out the answer to this...interesting question, where else does one start one's search but on the Internet, where the answers to all the wordly issues are found.

Wherever there's a monetary value on an article, there's always a site ready to make a buck. For example, "Tooth Fairy Land" www.toothfairyland.com has a package that includes:

- a personalized certificate from the tooth fairy
- a tooth fairy newsletter (what in the world does a tooth fairy have to say. 'Hi kids - gimme your teeth'?)
- a choice of 5 different poems

All the above for a mere $14.95!!!!

A search on the Net for some type of guidelines as to what a visit from the tooth fairy is worth these days, produced mixed results. There are parent sites that suggest anywhere from a dollar right up to $5 per tooth and higher. Factor in inflation and the space between a tooth can be costly!

Anyway, Happy Tooth Fairy Day. Bah - humbug.

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