Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Some people hear normal things like birds in the trees, cars zipping by, music (some people even claim to hear dead people but that's a whole different subject) - your everyday stuff. Then there are people who hear paintings. You read it right: hear paintings!

While most of we "normals" enjoy the visual value of a painting, there are some of us who not only SEE things in the images but hear things as well.

According to a report in Reuters a neuroscientist working out of the University of London (notice how British scientists find some of the most..."interesting" subjects to study)some people are "synesthetes" and hear paintings or the paint anyway, talk to them! Next thing you know people will be offering themselves as synesthetes mediums and a whole new industry will be born...


To test his theory the scientist he performed a series of experiments in which he asked the synesthetes to draw and describe the music played by the New London Orchestra. Read the story for the results.

So have your paintings talked to you lately and if so, what do they say? Anything interesting? Enquiring minds want to know!

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