Friday, September 08, 2006


I like Rosie O'Donnell. I like her personna, I like her interview style and I think she is an entertaining and colorful personality. That being written I don't know how long she will last being the latest member of the team - something Rosie should remember - of "The View."

To be candid prior to Rosie's arrival I seldom watched the show unless there was a special guest that I wanted to see. However as a former viewer of Rosie's show, I was very happy that she was returning to daytime TV, even if she's not hosting her own show. Something else Rosie should keep in mind.

For sure her bombastic style would definitely change the direction the show will take if for no other reason that the other members of the panel, Joy Behar, Elizabeth Hasselback and Barbara Walters will feel compelled to jump in and make their presence felt. Joy Behar is no slouch when it comes to jumping in and giving her opinion and Walters has more-or-less run the show. Until now and therein could lay the problem.

I've been watching the new version off-and-on but have never watched the show in its entirety, yet. However, what I have seen is Rosie being Rosie. Her positioning sitting in a higher seat than Walters (at least when I caught the show) is in itself an indication of where she sees her position in the show: Queen Rosie. She makes faces and the audience laughs as the other ladies interact. Not a good idea, Rosie!

In yesterday's show I watched Walters face as Rosie spoke and Rosie cut to commercials and Rosie was...Rosie. It was as expected, control personified but there were times when she dropped her eyes and stared down at her knees while Rosie spoke, indicating to me at least that she (Walters) was somewhat perturbed. In the end it will be the viewers who will benefit from any type of power play by the two. Let's not forget that there can only be one Queen Bee in "The View" hive and Barbara was there first.

("The View" broadcast live on ABC Monday through Friday from NYC (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET; CLOSED-CAPTIONED; broadcast in stereo; TV-14).
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