Friday, January 02, 2009

Naughty words...beavers...popcorn perp

It's barely 2009 and already there's the realization that we live in a wacky yet interesting world.

"Could you perhaps share the reason for writing this statement?" someone reading this may feel compelled to ask.

Of course. That's the reason for keeping a blog!

Example #1

A male who took pen in hand to write abusive comments on buses and toilets about females he disliked, was recently banned from carrying felt tip pens and spray paint. Not that it makes a difference but the pen-perp who happens to live in Kent, England, is also banned from writing nasty or socially unacceptable comments and images (one can only imagine the images he drew) in public.

There was a method in his madness in that he wrote the bad words and/or artistic renderings and then drew it to the attention of the object of his dis-affection. Obviously, the victims were not amused.

Kent police reported that there was no rhyme or reason for his selection of victim other than spotting them on a bus or they had the misfortune of living or working nearby.

#2 Can't trust those beavers!

An escaped beaver that has been on the run since October, along with two of his beaver buds that have since been captured, is now to object of a hunt by conservationists. since he's been doing what beavers are prone to do and that is felling trees.

The owner of the farm where the beavers called home, actually keeps 24 beavers who are under the license from government agency, Natural England, as part of a wild life photography business. Meanwhile, the beaver is said to be responsible for gnawing down trees up to 20 miles away.

Actually - thinking further, it would be difficult if not impossible to place the blame on the escaped beaver unless of course, teeth impressions were taken. But I digress...

Furthermore, the owner plans to catch the escapee by using a number of "honey traps", boxes that have the scent of a female beaver.

"We've got traps being made up at the moment. Using the scent from one of the female beavers, we'll be able to catch the male beaver fairly quickly."

How cute. "Honey traps" lure unsuspecting beavers.

Hopefully, the beaver won't end up as a pair of sleeves.

#3 Butter or plain?

For Hansel and Gretel, it was a trail of bread crumbs but it was a trail popcorn that helped Sacramento police find a man wanted on a warrant.

The 21-year old man was taken into custody for a theft and suspicion of possession of stolen property.

Police officers found a trail of popcorn from the business that led them to an apartment located behind the store and followed the popcorn trail inside of one of the units.

See what I mean? Wacky world we live in...

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