Sunday, November 22, 2009

Santa Claus group demanding priority for flu shots

Gimme a break in the true sense of the word!

What is happening to Santa and his Christmas spirit? Seems that a group of Santas is demanding because they seem to believe it's due to them, priority in as far as receiving flu shots.

The group - the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas even held a seminar on the virus at a recent conference in Philadelphia.

What next? How to appear non-threatening to children and wear a face mask 101?

AORBS - that's them - is now lobbying for its members to be put on the much sought after swine flu vaccination priority list.

Group President, one Nicholas Trolli, said the campaign was "not so much to protect the Santa, but to help protect the public".

"I have heard across the country numerous Santas who have actually had the swine flu, but I have not heard reports back of any of our Santas being able to get the swine flu shot as of yet," he said.

The group also urged its members to use a hand sanitizer and take vitamins to boost their immune systems - and urged parents will keep sick kids away.

"If you contact AORBS, we will do our best to get a Santa to come to your home so you won't be exposing other children," Mr Trolli said.

The rival Santa America group is also calling for Santa Claus be made a priority group for the swine flu vaccine - much like health care workers.

Next thing you know, a group representing reindeer will demand that they be put on the priority list because they're close to Santa. No mention as to whether the Mrs. Claus's are demanding equal representation...elves... It just never ends.

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