Monday, November 28, 2011

Wookie the cat tale still has legs

It's been almost a year now that Wookie the cat has been missing. Going out on a limb here since nobody has written any updates, one presumes that there have been no sightings.

In the way of background info., Wookie's disappearance caused a local uproar in Bedford, England, when his owner Mike Harding was threatened with a legal fine for posting posters of his puss, in the hope that somebody - anybody - had spotted his beloved feline.

So here we are another Christmas almost upon us and still no news updates concerning the cat's fate. What is interesting, though, is that this blog story still has legs so to speak. In the year that the tale was told here, for whatever reason, there is still interest judging by the hits. We're not talking hundreds of hits but even so, the story always climbs up to the top of the pile. Also included in these numbers are spammers most likely but it's still personally noteworthy that people around the globe drop by to read the story.

Pure speculation, perhaps it's a seasonal thing in that people - okay me - wonder whether Wookie is "out there" somewhere, having to depend on an occasional mice meal or on the kindness of others, as people plan their festive menu. Perhaps he is forced to find shelter living under garden shacks. Then again and putting in a positive light, maybe some kind stranger took him in and he lives out his life as a pampered cat. Thing is - nobody knows.

Perhaps if Mike Harding is reading this, he would or could provide an update, if any. Meanwhile, perhaps sympathetic cat lovers (or even likers) feel moved enough to donate to their local animal shelter in Wookie's name. Or just donate, anyway. They can always use the money.

Meanwhile, verifiable updates on Wookie are welcome and Wookie if you're reading this: come home for Christmas!

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