Monday, February 27, 2012

Oscars - same old, same old of the same

Along with millions of TV viewers on planet earth, I wait for the annual celebrity soup where actors hope to be rewarded for their work in films. The Academy Awards is an opportunity to see the latest designer fashions modelled by acctresses (and actors) who have primped and pulled and tucked weeks and months ago, in anticipation of this one night.

"Who are you wearing?" interviewers ask the celebs, to which they give a plug to the list of familiar/famous designers. The phrasing of this question has always left me puzzling. Not "what designer outfit are you wearing" but "who are you wearing." There's always this image in my head of designers clinging to bodies. But I digress.

There were some memorable moments, especially Sacha Baron-Cohen's publicity stunt when dressed as a dictator and holding an urn, he "accidentally" poured the contents on interviewer, Ryan Seacrest. Like that wasn't planned. Gimme a break! Then there was Angelina Joli looking gaunt and somewhat cadaverous flashed her skinny leg and JLo looking stunning as usual, had a questionable flash of nipple - maybe. The dress designer is denying that it was on purpose. Uh-huh...

In as far as the show itself, was disappointed in host Billy Crystal. The opening number featuring a melange of clips featuring Crystal as the various characters, was somewhat dated leaving a "been there - seen this" feeling. Don't know who wrote his jokes but perhaps he should consider cleaning house, although he did provide some laughter ad-libbing cracks later on. Adored Chris Rock and his short and definitely not long enough comments as a presenter. Note to Academy: get him as a future host!

Disappointed that George Clooney didn't win best actor award. He really deserved it and happy that Meryl Streep took home another Oscar. Also loved "The Help."

To sum it all up, the show was flat and lacked that spark of excitement necessary for an awards show or else it becomes a boring parade of celebs reading cue cards. My vote as mentioned before is Chris Rock.

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