Saturday, February 18, 2012

Willliam and Kate to join Barbie and the vinyl bunch

Haven't received any reaction yet from well-known vinyl personality and fashionista, Barbie, regarding the news that she may soon have two rivals for attention.

Seems that toy maker Mattel, has releaed a limited edition of  "William and Catherine Royal Wedding Giftset" a.k.a. Prince William and Kate Middleton, to coincide with the royal couple's first wedding anniversary. In the way of a memory jog, I'm still waiting for my invitation to the royal nuptials that obviously got lost in the royal mail. But I digress.

According to reports, the two royal vinylistas/dolls are wearing "outfits inspired by "the" regal wedding attire." Does this mean that a wardrobe is in the works a la Barbie et al, where the couple will wear different outfits to suit the occasion? You know...lunch with the Queen...etc. Taking it further, perhaps there will be a royal home replete with royal servants. The mind boggles. At least mine does. But I digress - again.

"One year after Barbie and Ken announced their reconciliation, Barbie celebrates the love of another iconic couple" with the introduction of the new set, Mattel said.

This definitely will not go over well with Barbie who considers herself the queen of dolls. When asked about the new Mattel additions, Barbie commented, "Kate and William who?" Contacted for his take, Ken, Barbie's signifigant-other, said "I have a new surfboard, It's yellow. I like surfing."

That Ken! Such a beach bum!

The dolls, which will sell for $100, will be part of the Barbie Collector edition and will be available in April. Here is a photo of the new additions:

So would you buy a set?

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