Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Still another 'duh" story that makes one shake one's head

Had to share this story that I came accross during my daily search for interesting (read: weird-ish) stories focusing on your ordinary people who for whatever reason, do - well - silly things. In this case, the man paid the ultimate price for his action.

For whatever reason, a guy decided to participate in a cockroach eating contest... Correction: a live cockroach eating contest in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The contest, and why anyone would even consider holding a competition of this nature is also questionable, attracted thirty paticipants who ate roaches and other insects in order to win the prize - wait for it - a python.

So this makes one - me - wonder why the sponsor of the competition, a pet store, would give a potentially dangerous reptile as a prize to people who may not even know anything about the raising and care of pythons. I mean, would you? But I digress.

The contestant who shall remain nameless, became ill very quickly after the contest ended and collapsed outside the store. He was transferred to a hospital and pronounced dead. Amazingly enough and according to the sheriff's office, no other contestants became ill. I dunno - maybe they had pre-pared for the contest by eating roaches at home. Go know!

In any case, the participants signed a waiver "“accepting responsibility for their participation in this unique and unorthodox contest.” To say the least! I've tried deceased chocolate-covered grasshoppers - at least I took a bite out of one - but perhaps it's just me, but live cockroaches are on my not appealing whatsoever list. How about anyone reading this?

According to the story, the bugs were consumed from an inventory of insects deemed safe and domestically raised in a controlled environment of food for reptiles. This statment says a lot in itself. Food for reptiles aren't necessarily good for some humans.

There is no information as to whether a winner was declared and if the prize winner took home the python.


For those with delicate stomachs, the above link features a large-ish photo of a cockroach.

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