Monday, October 29, 2012

Unusual cell phone claims that make you say, 'huh?'

As is the case with many people these days, a cell phone has become as important as our body parts, especially the hands.  However, on occasion people misplace, lose or damage them to the point where a replacement is necessary. The in the UK recently released a list of "interesting" read: weird-ish, insurance claims that cell phone users insured with their company have used in order to get reimbursed. For example:

A farmer (agriculturalist is the word used in the piece - a farmer is a farmer is...) reported that he lost his iPhone 3GS while assisting a cow giving birth. This makes one - me - wonder if anyone within hearing range of the cow barn heard the digested or undigested as the case may be, phone, ringing in the middle of the night.

"Hello Penelope? Are you free for supper?" a caller might have left a message on the phone in the cow's stomach or wherever. Think of all the messages that were left and unanswered!
In any case, when he (the farmer) eventually retrieved it (no information supplied as to how this was achieved), it was too damaged to use and he claimed the loss on his insurance. Moving on...

A woman accidentally baked her Nokia 6303 inside a Victoria sponge cake. One wonders how the baker didn't notice a cell phone going round-and-round when blending the ingredients in a bowl. Perhaps if it had rung... But I digress.

For whatever reason and it boggles the mind (at least it does mine), an insurance claim was made by a female who used her phone as an adult toy - no further information available.

A couple dropped their phone in the ocean while re-enacting the scene from the Titanic. Perhaps - pure speculation - it slipped out of her/his hand during the scene where Jack yells, "I'm the King of the World!'. Go know.

Also making the Top 10 list of "interesting" claims ever made:

- a phone flushed down the toilet. This makes one (me again) wonder the reason for the phone being in this location
- phone snatched by a seagull. Seems that even seagulls are into cells.
- blasted by fireworks
-  stolen by monkeys
- dropped from a tree
- thrown at a boyfriend. Obviously, the person in question missed her/his target
- Worn out by 'intimate use'. Just wondering the attraction to use a phone for 'intimate use' moreover, note the terminology, "worn out.".

How is your cell phone doing?

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