Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Young 6-year old boy gets suspended for kissing girl's hand. Say what?

Really, I don't know what's going on in schools these days and more to the point, the thought process that goes through some people's heads.

It's obviously not easy being a school teacher or administrator these days especially when it comes to enforcing disciplinary regulations covering student behavior within the school environment. All students have to abide have a certain decorum within the classroom and on occasion, the system is tested to the point of ridiculousness.

Take for example the case of a 6-year old Colorado boy who was suspended from class for kissing a fellow female student's hand. Really.

According to the boy's mother, since the boy had been suspended before for kissing the same girl's hand, it's being construed as sexual harassment. Two hand kisses is obviously one kiss too many.

The boy, for his part, says that he has a crush on the girl and she likes him back and the offending kiss took place during class while in a reading group.

During the meeting with the school principal, the mother of the kiss-er was shocked when the term "sexual harassment was brought up during the meeting.

C'mon people! Sexual harassment over a hand kiss, by a 6 year old student, in class no less? Gimme a break! We're not talking here about a student bringing a weapon into class or a physical confrontation. The offending act was a buss on the hand.

The suspension was due, according to a school official, because of a policy against unwanted touching. So readers of this blog, what do you think about the boy's suspension? Is it justified or political correctness gone awry?

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