Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some of life's ponderings that really have no answers and evoke the word, "why?"

There are inconsequential encounters during our everyday lives that are 'head-shakers'.

"So what are you complaining about now, Eleanor?"

You know - the type of insignificant experiences that one must accept but are a source of annoyance.

- why is it that when choosing a cash to pay for supermarket items, it's always seems to be the one where there's a cash count?

- why is it that customers choose the 8 (or 12) item limit line to pay for a full shopping cart of groceries? More to the point, why do the check-out cashiers allow it?

- why do supermarkets set their produce water sprays on "high" especially when I'm bending over to choose an item?

- why can't manufacturers come up with a means in which shoppers can separate plastic bags without having to lick their fingers? Try as I may and I do, there is no way to separate plastic bags from a roll by blowing on the serrated opening. Actually, thinking again, perhaps a solution could be to wet one's fingers using the excess water from the produce spray ("good innovative thinking, Eleanor!"). At least the spray could be used for something useful.

Moving on...

- why do packages of cheese products with 'good until' dates listed way in the future, inevitably turn moldy without a few weeks after opening?

There is nothing more irritating (at least for me) than buying a large wedge of cheese and two weeks later seeing white/grey forming on the edge, indicating mold. Numerous attempts at using various wrappings including wax paper haven't worked. Any manufacturers reading this want to supply an answer?

- why is it that the purchase of the perfect lipstick shade is different when brought home, only to be added to the ever-growing collection of abandoned tubes that looked good but ended up in the blechy bag? Related and shared in other blogs but still a source of irritation, why do lipstick manufacturers discontinue lipstick shades after a short period of placing them on the market place? It would be great to be able to purchase the same lipstick shade within a six month period.

Feel free to add to the list and share. We all need a vent or two to start the day, right? What's yours?

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