Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some thoughts

Shock! Gasp! Confession time!

Okay. I admit it. I didn't watch the Emmy Awards last night. Right now you're probably gasping in shock thinking, "Eleanor - how could you, being a freelance writer/playwright, skip the Emmys?" To be candid, I passed because I've watched the nominated series on occasion and only once-in-a-while occasions. One should at least relate to the series actors and watch frequently enough to be able to form an opinion, right?

As a rule and when I do watch the awards show, I tune in to see what everyone is wearing. It's always fun to see the latest designer outfits and what the "in" color is this season. Not that it makes a difference in my world but still, one should keep up with fashion trends, just in case. This morning the Web was filled with reports on the nominees and the eventual winners, what they wore and their acceptance speeches. Loved Billy Crystal's tribute to Robin Williams. Simple, to the point and well put. Being a big fan of Ricky Gervais, also adored his acceptance speech at not winning. What can one say: I like people who kvetch.

In as far as fashion looks are concerned, I liked Halle Berry's mauve dress, Kate Walsh's yellow dress although how she walked is a mystery with that draping of material, also loved Taryn Manning's gown...on and on.

For the record, my favorite programs are related to sci-fi and related topics. I'll tune in to TV series featured on networks and shows that have an alien presence(s) (thinking further, this could apply to many celebrities but I digress). As usual, none of my favorites were nominated. Oh well - there's always next year.

Brangelina are now one

Added this item on Thurs. August 28, because this is news we've all been waiting for. After living together for nine years and following an engagement of one year, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt made it legal. Without any fan-fare or press releases to announce the up-coming nuptials, the couple were married at a French as in France, chateau. Their children were present and took part in the walk down the aisle. How very romantic getting married in France. Wonder what they ate in the way of celebrating their joining together. Pure speculation but more than likely, wine was involved or maybe champagne...French baguette with pate de compagne perhaps...une patisserie for dessert. In any case, you might want to wish them bonne chance if passing them on the rue.

Arf...bow-wow. A day for the dogs

Today is National Dog Day. This is the first time I became aware that a day has been set aside to honor the special pooches in our lives and their contribution to our well being. As the former slave...that is to say, friend to a Heinz 57 mutt that shared our lives for 15 years, it's only right that we honor our furry canine buddies and bud-ettes. Although we were assured at the time of adoption that Daisy would reach a medium-sized dog status, she ended up being a cross between a beagle, cocker spaniel and physical characteristics of a Labrador retriever. In other words, pure mutt adopted at a shelter. In retrospect, she really wasn't the friendliest dog and showed her teeth frequently, snarling menacingly at all who approached when food was poured in her bowl. She also wasn't above taking a nibble at toes while seated under the table at meal times, when spare food didn't fall in her direction. Protecting the house, however, was relegated to snoring on the job. It took me a long time to get over her passing but the memories she gave us will remain forever. Happy National Dog Day to pooches everywhere - it's your day!

Addendum: a tragedy waiting to happen

Parents (or caregivers to children) make a concerted effort to go out of their way as a means to protect their offspring from imminent danger. It is puzzling therefore, at least to me, when children are knowingly exposed to questionable situations by presumably, functioning adults. Then again, perhaps in their opinion and mind, they believe that the danger is minimal.

For whatever reason, parents of a 9-year old girl decided to take their daughter to a shooting range. In my mind, anyway, this act in itself is questionable but to each her/his own. Again, one ponders as to why a young person in this age range would be given a Uzi-sub-machine gun no less as was the case to learn how to shoot, is another good question. In any case, the shooting range instructor standing next to the girl was demonstrating how to fire the weapon and when she pulled the trigger, the recoil caused her to aim over her head killing the shooting instructor.

It just boggles my mind that parents would even think taking their offspring to a shooting range, period, would be a fun activity. Duh...

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