Friday, February 10, 2006


It has been a long time coming but there is good news today: Barbie, “the” fashionista of the doll set and her used-to-be boyfriend, Ken, are a couple, again. They had a parting of ways almost two years ago just before Valentine’s Day, orchestrated by their “parent”, Mattel, since Ken’s popularity was on the wane. Things were never the same once the boy-toy was relegated to peaking out of a cardboard box in the hope that someone would take pity on him.

Hard to believe given their ageless faces but the two-some had been dating 43 years when they separated. Word has it that Ken was finally about to pop “the” question having bought her an engagement ring 41 years ago, when he was given the boot instead…or sneaker as the case may be. To make matters worse and to add insult to injury Barbie took up with Blaine, an Australian surfer-type. Perhaps it was his accent or what is believed to be an addiction to surfing, but they drifted apart.

Actually, Ken never appeared to be into much of anything other than hanging around Barbie with an adoring puppy-dog look in his eyes. During their years apart the blond with the 2 inch waist, permanently pointed toes and ever-present smile, tried her hand at acting playing the role of princesses.

In as far as the dating scene is concerned her name was connected with the mucho-macho G.I. Joe and an entourage of hangers-on including Kelly, Midge, Kayla doing the club scene. Word has it that she gave Joe the push due to his habit of bringing along a weapon and firing it in the air for effect, while on their dates.

Anyway, Ken is back and has gone through a make-over (doesn't everyone these days?). The shorts are gone and replaced with a designer wardrobe by a celebrity dresser. His wardrobe now includes cargo pants, a fitted suit and a trendy motorcycle jacket. In addition to the change of outfits he has had some plastic (in the true sense of the word) surgery with a nose job and a mouth adjustment. Whether this will be enough to satisfy the plastic babe remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, there are reports that the new and improved Ken has been secretly seeing Roxxi and Pheobe, twin Bratz dolls. Uh-oh…could be trouble in paradise…

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