Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Anybody seen Vivi around? The whippet who just happens to be an award-winning show dog, escaped her cage at the Kennedy International Airport.

In spite of a thorough search Vivi has vanished, and so other methods of finding her have been brought in. Other methods consist of twelve psychics who are counselling searchers as to the wereabouts of the whippet. There is no mention of how or what type of psychics are lending their hand...or in this case, feelings...or connection with the great beyond.

So far the psychics feel that the dog is warm and safe and laying low in a building...somewhere. Thing is, how do the psychics know if they have tuned into Vivi and not some other missing pooch?

'Helllll-o? Am I connected to Vivi?' just won't do the job. Some dogs will do anything for a meal and a warm place and some strays may even claim to be the missing pooch.

"Yes it's me!" a wily german shepherd may bark. "I'll be Vivi or anybody you want me to be if it'll get me some food and bones!"

Now why would a dog who spends a large portion of its life in a cage and being felt up and down by strange hands want to take off, one wonders.

Vivi's sudden departure followed a win at the prestigious Westminster Kennel Show. A $5000 reward has been offered for Vivi's safe return. That would buy a lot of dog food for a lot of strays and lost dogs waiting to be adopted in shelters accross North America.

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