Friday, March 10, 2006


Ever dreamed of owning a castle? You know…drawbridge, tower, turret, a moat…the usual castle-y stuff. There’s one for sale for people willing to do a little home renovation. Correction: a lot of renovation.

However, the castle in question, Llanwit Major Castle located in southern Wales, needs some work.

A lot of work.

The perk to owning this castle is it’s ready to move in. In fact nobody has lived in there since the 18th century, which means that there’s wall-to-wall dust bunnies, everywhere. Could also be a dampness and mildew problem too since it no longer has any roof and some of the walls are worn away, which would present a problem for painting and wallpapering.

Other than that – it’s a handyman’s fixer-upper!

The new tenant should also be aware that the castle is protected by law and its owner would be required to apply for Scheduled Monument Consent from the Welsh Assembly before starting the repairs. This seems like a reasonable request since it just wouldn’t be proper to add – let’s say – an awning for the tower. Or enlarge the moat and turn it into an in ground pool for summer parties and barbeques. Chances are the Council wouldn’t agree to turning it into a theme park, either, although this idea does have some merit. Boat trips around the moat…bungee jumping from the turret…lots of promise there.

One last thing and it’s a minor inconvenience really, but the castle is reputed to be haunted but given the repair challenge, that’s a minor problem.
The castle is expected to bring in between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds, or $10,000 and $30,000 at auction, a veritable steal! Has Donald Trump heard about this?

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