Friday, April 21, 2006


Flushing with success from their past summit, comes the news that the next World Toilet Summit will be held in Moscow from September 6-9. So it will be an autumn in Moscow affair.

The summit will cover issues that include:
- City toilets
- International toilet classification
- Public restroom standards
- Toilet availability and accessibility
- Toilet infrastructure management, foreign experience in creating city toilet infrastructure
- Sanitary equipment
- Russia’s toilet market opportunities
- Toilet architecture and design. Fitting into local environment
- Toilets as sightseeing attraction(!!!)
- World toilet masterpieces(!!!)

Included also are these headings included in the "Abstracts and reports" section:
Section 1 City toilets
Section 2 Toilets for social integration
Section 3 Toilets for children
Section 4 Autonomous toilet technology

In case the delegates who attend want another view, the second annual Dry Toilet Conference will be held in Tampere, Finland from August 16-19.

According to the information blurb "the objective of the conference is to offer a discussion platform for professionals and other interested parties. The Conference will distribute the latest information about various aspects of dry toilets."

Dry toilets too? Is there no end to all this progressive toilet technology?

Last but certainly not least, Fluidmaster, (in their words) "the world's largest manufacturer of toilet replacement parts," has officially designated October as National Toilet Repair Month. "

The month will kick off with the finals competition for the Fluidmaster Flush-Off- a contest where contestants perform their best vocal impression of a toilet flush for an audience that includes nationwide media. This year's Flush-Off will take place at Fluidmaster headquarters in San Juan Capistrano on Wednesday, October 6. Winners will take trophies home cash prizes of $250 to $1,000.

I've already circled all the dates on my calendar. I'm just so...flushed with excitement.

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