Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Like most (or many)people, I like turkeys. They're not "cute" in the looks department but they're...okay and they do lead difficult - and short- lives. However, there are exceptions to the rule. Take Rufus for example... Actually somebody did just that.

Rufus was a turkey that arrived on the scene along with some feathery friends of his in October and managed to stay alive all through Thanksgiving unlike his pals who...let's just say they were the centerpiece of coversation. Initially, the turkey friends hung out at the Junction Café where they lived by eating grain of semi-trucks passing through the area. As his friends "left" one-by-one, restaurant patrons took pity on Rufus and even supplied him with "turkey bags" on their way out.

However...a turkey's life is a short one and it's a sad ending for the gobbler. He deserved better. There's a photo of Rufus in happier times posing in all his glory before..."the incident."

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