Thursday, April 27, 2006


Yesterday, there was a news item that makes one ponder one's destiny. A least it did me. All the elements are there to endorse a case for the reality of fate.

In brief a driver suffers a heart attack and crashes into a guardrail. Along comes a defibrillator salesman who was transporting an automated defibriallator that is used to shock the heart into a normal rhythm. The salesman upon seeing the accident grabbed the AED and went to work on the driver.

That in itself would make a case for fate but there's more.

Driving along are two nurses who spot the wreck and start performing CPR on the driver. Due to the intervention of all the people i.e. the defib. salesman plus the nurses, her pulse was restored and she is recovering in hospital.

Now what are the chances or odds that not one but TWO different sources would come together to save the life of a complete stranger who would have died had it not been for the intervention of all the people involved.

Fate? Karma - or mere coicidence?

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