Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Malaysia aims to flush away its dirty toilet reputation. After all, a clean toilet is a thing to behold and admire. You would think so given the focus on this subject of late.

In order to clean up its image of having foul-smelling public restrooms, Malaysia will be hosting a National Toilet Summit to educate the public regarding the importance of a clean toilet.

According to a report public toilets in Malaysia are a big concern to residents and tourists with a lack of your basic toilet-tools like toilet paper, soap (ohmygawd and horror-of-horrors - no soap!) and on occasion, there is even a lack of toilet seats that are removed by vandals.

The summit according to a spokesperson, would be a meeting place for local officials and interenational experts on toilet management(!), including the founder of the World Toilet Organization. We're talking major toilet biggies here!

Go figure that toilets and their usage has become such an important focal issue and discussion subject. You have the World Toilet Summit, your Dry Toilet Conference in addition to the World Toilet Expo to be held in November in Bangkok, Thailand. It's enough to make a person flush with the urge to go...that is, to attend.


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