Sunday, October 22, 2006


Got any good news to share? We're not talking here about heroic rescues that make the headlines but plain, ordinary "acts of kindness" that happen to ordinary people. There is a tendency for people to focus on the negative events broadcast on both the electronic and print media and comparatively speaking, the basic and simple acts don't make the news.

The Writers & Friends forum - - has set up a "Thankfulness" string where people can share good news. It doesn't have to be a headline-grabbing story because that's not what life is about. It's about the small gestures we do, which are buried on the back pages of newspapers or never make the TV newscasts that make a difference.

Consider this a personal invitation to drop by to make a "Thankfulness" or "Good News" contribution and let's see how many "acts of kindness," "good news" and positive stories that we can share from all over our planet.

So - got any good news and what are YOU thankful for, today?

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