Wednesday, December 20, 2006


After years of freelance writing someone - and a really big someone - has finally acknowledged my presence. I'm talking here about TIME magazine naming me "Person of the Year." Actually, I've always known that I was a good writer but now a prestigeous magazine has confirmed what I've always known: I'm a damned good writer!

I'm assuming that the powers-that-be who work at the publication have been reading and following my output, which includes articles on gardening how-to, bathroom commentary, rants about life in general, my plays and my progress in attempting to get them produced, pets, humor pieces...

I mean, how else could they recognize writing genius when they read it?

Actually, everyone who has ever surfed the Internet and posted something on the information highway is being acknowledged. This includes sites that purport the content is written by cats and/or dogs and/or birds.

This long overdue personal recognition now means that I can add this accomplishment to my CV. For sure it will make a difference when an editor or publisher reads a submitted article.

"Oh!" the editor will say out loud or to himself. "For sure I'm going to use this writer's work after receiving this prestigious award. And Time magazine no less."

It will also make a big difference as to whether one of my plays will be produced.

"Look at this," a BS (big shot) theatre producer will say during a session of selecting plays for their upcoming season. "This playwright must have something special if Time has chosen her as Person of the Year. Put this in the "maybe" file."

I don't want to appear mercenary or anything but I'm wondering if there's any monetary compensation that goes along with the award. If so and given the number of people who are surfing around the world who join me in this honor, hopefully the magazine has a big budget. A really big budget.

Meanwhile I'm preparing myself for the onslaught of offers to publish that is sure to follow. Just sign me...

Eleanor Tylbor
Time Person of the Year

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