Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Les baguettes from UK...Lego tower sets record...

Now for something completely different: a Yorkshire (UK) baker is supplying baguettes to discriminating French caterers and restaurants. This comes as quite a surprise to any visitor to France - including moi - who is under the impression that when it comes to crispy baguettes - France has it in the basket, so to speak. However...what you sees isn't necessarily what you gets.

France may be famed for its fabulous bread but a British baker has secured a surprising contract - to ship thousands of loaves across the channel.

The baker, Fosters, will be sending bread to les francaise to make croque monsieur, a hot ham and cheese snack.

It is not the first request from France for the baking firm, based in the South Yorkshire town of Barnsley.

"I nearly fell off my chair laughing," said director John Foster. "Asking a Brit to make French sticks?"

They will ship some 7,000 soft white loaves for use in toasted sandwiches to France every few months.

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Fosters Bakery - the suppliers also have a site here:


Lego in as far as children and probably their parents given the popularity of the blocks are concerned, is the ideal toy to stimulate the imagination. A 100ft tower made out of Lego bricks will be verified as an official world record, organisers hope.

Thousands of children and their families used almost 500,000 bricks to build the structure at the Legoland theme park in Windsor, Berkshire. The tower is designed to resemble a Viking longboat mast to mark the opening of the new Land of the Vikings. It is yet to officially verified, but the next biggest Lego tower is just over 96ft built in Toronto last August.

The Viking mast tower was created over the Bank Holiday weekend with each of the top sections lifted into place with a crane.

Lego has recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic brick

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