Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Sometimes it's the hiccups in life that get you

Most people at some point in their life acquire a case of hiccups. Although personally aggravating to the hiccup-er and somewhat unnerving to onlookers, most cases of hiccups disappear within minutes. Then there are unusual cases where a case of hiccups can linger for longer. A lot longer.

Take the case of musician, Brian Sands, 24, who has had a severe case of the ailment for 15 months and is hoping that an operation will cure him. He hiccups as often as every 2 seconds and in his sleep on occasion.

Nothing has worked so far in the way of a cure including hypnosis and yoga, and physicians at Nottingham's Queen's Medical Centre will place a tube into his stomach to monitor acid levels and decide if surgery is feasible.

To make matters worse - or crucial - Sands is a backup singer in the group, Ebullient and the condition is not conducive to his chosen field. In fact he has only been able to perform 4 times.

Sands thinks his problem stems from an acid reflux condition caused by a damaged valve in his stomach.

"If the acid levels are severe enough they are going to do keyhole surgery and grab part of my stomach and wrap it around the valve to tighten it," he said.
When you've had them this long it really drains you, because you can't eat properly and can't sleep properly."

It's always the hiccups of life that'll get you every time, so read about Mr. Sands angst here:

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