Monday, July 07, 2008

Celine Dion and Sir Paul McCartney to face off on the Plains of Abraham?

Two well known singers and entertainment personalities in their own right, Celine Dion and Sir Paul McCartney, will be doing a gig in honor of Quebec City's 400th birthday. I mean, not at the same time but it's a coup for sure.

Great idea! Right?

Maybe so but then it would depend on where said gig will be taking place.

See...Celine is scheduled to perform on August 22nd in the sports field located at the west end of the Plains of Abraham and 100,000 Celine fans are expected to attend. They had to line up to get their free tickets. Everything was fine until Rene Angelil, Celine's hubby AND manager got wind that Sir Paul would be performing a f*r*e*e* show on July 20th, one month earlier, in a natural amphitheater at the other end of the plains, with no tickets necessary.

Rene is not a happy man.

In fact he is demanding(!) a change of venue for her concert.

Angelil is demanding the same first come, first-served access as well as the same venue for Dion. The National Battlefields Commission denied the request and organizers of the 400th anniversary are caught in the middle.

As Rosanne Roseannadanna used to say: it's always something...

Talk about egos and insecurities surfacing.

BTW and in case anyone reading this wants to see Celine, word has it that scalpers are selling those free Dion tickets for $700 a pair. In as far as McCartney's appearance is concerned, this will be his only North American concert so you can expect to be among hundreds of thousands of other fans.

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