Monday, July 14, 2008

Political correctness gone too far?

Many people reading this will recall as children, participating in a sack race or three legged race during sports day and ending up no worse for wear. Well that was then as they say, and this is now with a school in Washington banning the two old and popular events due to what they claim is fear of injury.

"PC" school officials who were concerned that the primary school pupils could fall over and suffer bruising, were assailed by critics for banning the two events.

Yeah so what? I mean, so the children fall down and get grass skids...or a bruise here and there. All part of the game and being kids!

Teachers at the John F Kennedy Primary in Washington, Tyne and Wear, dropped the events after talks with Beamish Open Air Museum, where an Edwardian-themed sports day is being held today. The day called for children to dress up in period costumes and play old-fashioned-type games, which included running, hopping and throwing ping-pong balls into pails.

Laura Midgely, founder of the Campaign Against Political Correctness group, said: “It’s health and safety gone mad, completely over the top.”

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