Monday, July 21, 2008

(Sir) Paul takes Quebec and leaves people smiling

"He" came, he played and certainly conquered according to the media reports in today's, Montreal Gazette (Montreal's daily newspaper). Given the historical significance of playing a gig on the Plains of Abraham, 200,000 plus Quebekers and visitors from all over the planet, welcomed Paul McCartney with open arms.

Fans were welcomed in French, a nice touch, with "bonsoir les québécois!" (good evening, Quebecers) and "bon soir toute la gang!" (good evening everyone!").

He opened with "Jet"and continued with picks that included Drive My Car and Only Mama Knows among others. There was a mixture of old favorites but he also included newer numbers. Quebec's 400th anniversary was aknowledged with the song, "Michelle" dedicated by McCartney in French to a "a lady who is 400 years old." Again, nice PR touch.

I, unfortunately, was not among the masses who attended the show. Insert big sigh here.

"I would have loved to attended that concert," I told my husband who also happens to be a McCartney fan, while watching clips from the show.

"How much of fan are you, though," he responded. "Enough to line up the day before the actual concert takes place to get a good place in front?"

He had a point.

So next up in August, Celine Dion will take centre stage and the spotlight. Absolutely the spotlight given her hubby Rene Angelil's managerial prowess and it will be interesting to see if she will draw the same numbers. She's a star for sure but perhaps not the same calibre as McCartney, IMHO.

For more information and photos:

There are also some clips on YouTube but the sound is almost indistinguishable and the visuals are taken from the big screen for people who weren't lucky enough to be within visual range of the singer.

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