Sunday, April 11, 2010

Aliens are among us - at least 20% of people believe

The topic of aliens - the interplanetary visitors kind - with friends and aquaintances tends to be a conversation ender. For the record I'm of the belief that given the enormity of our solar system, there have to be other life forms. Maybe not humans as we know them...perhaps they take the form of - I dunno - worms or ants or crows (crows are very smart so they could be one of "them") but I digress.

I'm not the only one to believe the existence of aliens since a Reuters Ipsos global survey of 23,000 adults in 22 countries reveal that more than 40% of people in India and China believe that aliens are here on planet earth disguised as humans (or ants...or...), while those least likely to believe this possibility live in Belgium, Sweden and Netherland (8%). However, the majority of people polled or 80% don't believe they're living amongst us.

A while back while discussing this topic with an aquaintance, she swore me to secrecy and shared her belief that she may have come accross an alien while shopping at the supermarket. The supermarket no less! Anyway, the reason for this belief is that this particular female's ('it' was in female form) skin was a definite shade of grey that sort-of glittered plus she had a protruding forehead. She didn't approach the woman/alien because, I mean, what would you say? 'Hi there - you look like an alien'?

The survey also disclosed that more men than women — 22 percent vs 17 percent — believe that alien beings are on earth. The majority of the believers are under 35 years of age.

Personally, I'm open to the possibility that aliens are amongst us. Just keep your eyes on the crows - they know.


Al1801 said...

Dear Ellie!
aliens here, on good ol' Mother Earth. Not beyond the bounds of reality.
Check out the Bible: Christmnas Eve. Shepherds keeping watch over their flocks. Bright Star. Pow! Angels, here on Earth.
The stopry of the Road to Emmaeus and other stories of Heavenly cits being amonst us. Does one consider these Angels as aliens? I think not.

Yet we are led to believe - thank you comic and movie writers - that aliens have the look of sub-humans, protruding foreheads, antlers, silver skin, browless eyes and long, spidery limbs. Ugly, as in Klingons. Uh! Uh!

Many people have strong beliefs in a Divine Being, a god who created many worlds. Therefore,why would a god, who made we mortals - they have some extra-terrestrial powers - a little lower than the angels, make our inter-planetary brothers and sisters lower yet. I think not.

I'm not discounting the fact, aliens could be with us, but if so, why. Is an invasion pending?
Isa Heaven about to call 'time's up" for Earth?

If so, c'mon guys hurry up - this sad old world is stuffed already.

Still, it makes good reading and keeps Paris Hilton off the front page - er, maybe Oprah,Paris and Nicole are aliens. As if.

Anonymous said...

I know there are aliens here on earth and they live in my neighborhood. :D
Who is Nicole?


Good one, Elliekins!! LOL!