Saturday, April 03, 2010

California dog owner builds mansion for pooches

Given the state of our planet these days what with stories focusing on war, natural disasters, death and starvation, here is a story based in California that makes a person wonder what they're putting in their water these days.

A woman, one Tammy Kassis, decided to build her pet pooches a Victorian mansion no less, at a cost of $20,000USD along with a picket fence - I mean, what's a doggie villa without a picket fence. It also has Spanish style turrets in the towers.

The doggie homestead, modelled after her own (that says something in itself), boasts the usual necessities of life including a television set, vaulted ceilings, air conditioning, wall paper and for that extra personal touch, handmade curtains. How sweet! As if all this isn't enough her three dogs, Darla, Chelsea and Cocoa Puff can sleep - if they so choose - in their own designer beds. Floors, which can be drafty, are too common place for this trio. Interestingly enough there is no mention by the way, of toilets...

Other accessories include blinds for the window, heating and ceiling fans. Perhaps the pooches didn't want other local dogs to peer in - nothing worse than voyeur dogs or cats - go know!

Amazing - there are people in many parts of the world going hungry and exposed to the elements due to lack of shelter - and this definitely over-zealous pet owner spends a chunk of cash on her dogs. Talk about this planet going to the dogs...

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