Monday, October 04, 2010

*sigh* - Tweeting not made easy

It's rare I write two pieces in this blog in one day but frustration can do that to a person. As mentioned, I'm sharing my frustration at trying to get Twitter to recognize my following count. No matter what I do, it stays at 167 followers. Actually, the real count in spite of Twitter ignoring this reality, is 170.

The latest addition to this on-going problem is that I can't sign in to Twitter. For some bizarre reason, the system is not recognizing me. The only solution now is to relate that I forgot my password and then change it back to the original password. Such a convoluted process.

In the way of a follower update, Twitter posted this message 8 hours ago, Twitter time:
"We have restored Follower/Following counts, and users are able to follow and DM (message) other users again."

Oh really? You could have fooled me! And so it continues... One can only speculate what will happen next.

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